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Jul 31

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whatajolyday said: Are you still taking requests? Because Courf/Parnasse lovers in cravats and top hots would be sweet^-^.


Of course! Sorry it took me so long I was a little sick those last few days… But here you go! C=


“Son, just don’t.” Combeferre to Marius pretty much all the time, Book XI (via incorrectlesmisquotes)

(via chignonesque)

Anonymous said: Oh my god have you HEARD Killian duetting with Charlotte Wakefield for Paradise Lost?? FIERCE. SO MUCH GROWLING.

Yes, nonny nonny, I HAVE INDEED. Killian sounds good—and yes, fierce—and then at the end there on that ever closer to the flame line, very very good. I was telling Suzi that I think Char sounds harsh, but Killian is working it, and I approve. I’d really like to hear Killian and Matt Wycliffe knock a song out of the park together, so let’s cross fingers for at least one good back-and-forth piece between Michael and Lucifer, hmm?

(And if anyone else would like to tuck the snippet in their pocket, A Kingdom of My Own; (snippet); the full track will be available for digital download as part of the album’s Kickstarter later. Please do not link outside of Tumblr.)

Just in case you weren’t sure just how much faffing I can achieve when it comes to this show, out of faffing amusement I tested the little little Ginger memory and tried to place as many Amis and etc as I could in this OLC rehearsal shot of Javert (Roger Allam) at the Barricade the Les Mis twitter posted earlier. I’m 75% sure about Colin Marsh, but everyone else, I think I’ve got down correctly, wheeeee.


@ jessicacervi Ahh Killdog x


@ jessicacervi Ahh Killdog x


Thaxton!Jolras appreciation 

chignonesque replied to your photo: …aaand now I want cupcakes, too.

If Hummingbird delivered that far, they’d be on their way RIGHT NOW. ♥

sashaatthebarricade said: i like the ad for the gym membership behind them…

HA I didn’t even notice that. Excellent. :D

There is too much epic shirt business happening here. (x)

There is too much epic shirt business happening here. (x)

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