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Aug 29

angualupin said: saw the news on twitter, got on tumblr just to watch you bouncing around with glee

Rumours that I received a message from the international space station advising that they could hear me all the way up there and I should maybe bring it down a notch are probably true, but I saw the news BEFORE CAFFEINE and crisis levels are still even hours and hours later really really high, wargleblargle.

I might have hurt something nodding at my screen.

I might have hurt something nodding at my screen.


doctor: I’m afraid you have a rare disease called onomatopoeia
patient: is it serious?
doctor: it’s just as bad as it sounds

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les misérables movie meme

eight scenes: combeferre and courfeyrac at the barricade (4/8)

"No, Courfeyrac! Someone stop him!"

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The LMFM Late Lunch broadcast in which Killian was featured is now available for download on the LMFM website, under Podcasts; he appears beginning at 0:44 into the show, and the interview ends at 21:49.

The mp3 is too large for direct upload to Tumblr, but you can download just Killian’s interview here :: Killian on Late Lunch, 29 August 2014.


04/10/13 - dreams

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Stephen accidentally insults the Surprise and everyone looks at him like he’s dissed their mothers.

"By comparison your mothers are very old and unattractive."

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“I love science, and it pains me to think that so many are terrified of the subject or feel that choosing science means you cannot also choose compassion, or the arts, or be awed by nature. Science is not meant to cure us of mystery, but to reinvent and reinvigorate it.” Robert M. Sapolsky (via urania-leilus)

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sashaatthebarricade said: I am so thrilled for you!!!


This is so ridiculous, but I am going to just roll with the ridiculous and enjoy it. I knew he’d been cast for the St James run before it was announced, so the waiting on this was TRULY UNPLEASANT for someone with the patience of an angry toddler, which is to say me. But now there can be LOUD NOISES and much steeplefingered pondering on the best ways to celebrate.


Somehow Movie!Cast [x]

and now JolyABC students ftw


Somehow Movie!Cast [x]

and now Joly
ABC students ftw

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